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Drama Classes in Coleraine


Dramabugs is an exciting, professional drama programme designed specifically for the early years (3-7 year olds). Dramabugs workshops transport children to magical destinations through captivating adventures, combining drama, music and storytelling where their imagination has the leading role.’Bringing little bugs out of their shell.’

Dramabugs Ethos

We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment, with an emphasis on fun so your child can grow in confidence.


  • Ensure all staff are fully trained and CRB checked
  • Provides children an outlet for self expression
  • Increases children’s social awareness and fluency of speech


Dramabugs workshops are provided by fully trained leaders who inspire during every session, empowering children with confidence and creativity. Our workshops improve self esteem and most importantly are a wonderful FUN activity.

Young children respond very positively to creative learning and Dramabugs allow them to explore their emotional responses to a given situation, enabling them to make sense of the world around them.

Our workshops promote independence and confidence so children can evaluate and explore a range of scenarios.

Call us now on 077 7364 3603 or alternatively you can email: dramabugs@hotmail.co.uk.

Schools and Nurseries

Dramabugs bring books to life and catapults children into a world of magic and make believe where their imagination plays the leading role.

Our workshop leaders inspire in every session empowering children with confidence, creativity and improve self esteem. At Dramabugs the core of our ethos is fun and we value the importance of play.

Through our Dramabugs Adventures children follow a fun journey which has been designed to fulfil many learning objectives.

Our lesson plans can be easily adapted to fit in with your topic or theme and are a great addition to your literacy or arts planning and also provide a valuable opportunity for observation time if needed.


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