What is Dramabugs?

Dramabugs is an exciting, professional drama programme designed specifically for the early years (3-7 year olds). Dramabugs workshops transport children to magical destinations through captivating adventures, combining drama, music and storytelling where their imagination has the leading role. Little bugs begin to come out of their shell!

Dramabugs Ethos

We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment, with an emphasis on fun so your child can grow in confidence.


Ensure all staff are fully trained and CRB checked Provides children an outlet for self expression Increases children’s social awareness and fluency of speech

New Limavady Classes Coming Soon

Email us today for more info!

New Limavady Class

Our new Limavady class is well under way and already the confidence is starting to soar!!

Millennium Forum

Autumn term is blast off!!! We are on our way for fun in the forum, we will keep you posted!